Our Cancellation Policy / terms of trade

After 6 no shows and on the day cancellations in the last week …..in order to continue trading we need to have customers who can support us through these difficult times

Times are going to be tough this year and we are needing to work smarter in the business world if companies want to survive. We at CHANGES work really hard to prepare for our clients and it is so disheartening when people fail to show up for their treatments, not only that, by not  letting us know in advance means we don’t have the opportunity to fill the space with people who do want to come.

We are trying to introduce  a better culture and this is our new cancellation policy. Please take time to read before your visit and booking an appointment is agreeing to our terms of trade.

Cancellation Policy/ booking  policy 1 version 3
Changes Medi-spa cancellation policy / terms of trade / Gift Voucher Use

1.1 By booking an appointment you are undertaking an agreement with us that you will attend your appointment at the given time. In return we will prepare your treatment room and get everything just prefect for you and book out that therapist solely to take care of you.

If you are unable to make your appointment all that we ask that you show us some consideration and let us know if you cannot make this appointment within a reasonable time frame ie 24 hours

We will text you the day before at 9am,  if the appointment does not suit please let us know then. If you are likely to be “called into work” or your children are unwell it is safer to reschedule to a time that means you can still attend- you can simply do this on line.

If you need a phone call instead or an email if out of range we can set that up too. We can also contact you an hour before if easier!

We all make mistakes and most of you we know its genuine and we never penalise anyone on their first time! What we do want to ensure though is that it doesn’t keep happening and there are a few people that do this all the time! so we have set up a fair system that helps those people remember.

If you fail to make your appointment but do want another appointment, we will rebook you only on the condition that you pre pay your booking or give us your visa card number on the understanding that you fail to show up again the payment goes through in full.

For the future We are looking at setting up a pre payment system to help us prevent the $1000s lost each month because of this but this will take a bit of time to set up in the meantime

From 20th July 2020

1.1Any cancellation within 24 hours* will incur a 25% charge of treatment(s) cost
1.2 All double treatments of an hour + will now require a credit card and failure to not turn up then 25% of the total cost will be taken off the card.
1.3 We will be no longer be taking booking via Facebook messenger. If you wish to make an appointment with us please just follow the book now button on our Facebook page or call us at the salon.

1.4 All accommodation now must have a credit card to protect us against damage and theft

1.5 Credit card charges We are moving in line with other businesses and credit card payments over $100 will incur a surcharge of 2%


People with gift vouchers are statistically the  least likely to show up! Why? they are come here ONLY because someone else wanted them to come ! So please be aware no shows will mean 25% of cost of treatment still goes through on the voucher 

We will still lose this out but with this small charge we hope it will help to get customers to remember to call us

We do hope that these new measures will help to safe guard our business and instil a more positive culture in not only our industry but throughout NZ

If you are unhappy about this it’s unfortunate to lose you,  but we simply cannot afford to have people on our books that let us down all the time when there are so many people who do care about us!

Katie Owner of CHANGES