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Teen Time at CHANGES Medi-Spa

Teens can be a difficult age – not only for their skin! Lots of hormonal changes. The impact on emotions can take their toll too.

So before you go see your GP or dermatologist do come and see the experts at CHANGES to see if we can help!

Our facials aim to inspire and educate and help to establish good routines that are going to ensure healthy skin through their lives.

We use the clean start from Dermalogica here with fabulous results!

​Clean start Facial blackhead extractions advice education and lots of free samples …………………..$65 add on ​New definition Brows $55 for the happiest you have seen her for a while!

Why not make a party of it?

​Sweet 16 or any age! SPArty! book your teen and her friends for an informative FUN filled afternoon in the Spa where our therapists will teach the girls skin care

    The perfect gift a TEEN’S PArty!

    Not sure what to do for the perfect teen party? What better gift from a mother than to take daughter to spa and Incorporate an afternoon of pampering in the spa with education and advice. Skin care tips that will last a lifetime and hopefully ensure she has flawless perfect skin!

    Your teen will be taught all about skin care and then enjoy a clean start facial.
    Combine with New definition brows for the coolest birthday ever!

    “Thank you so much for making Renee’s 13th birthday one that she will cherish for a very long time. The whole day was fantastic and each one of us had a blast.” Jennifer from Wellington May 2013 ( our first teen party!)

    Sweet 16 – coming of age! Educate the girls about skin care and brows. Combine that with with a day spa experience that they will talk about for years!

    Every 16 year old should get this! dermalogica clear start facial in our VIP room

    New Definition Brows- our own brand of designer brows which all the young girls love!


    The best skin care advice, samples and how to look after their young skin and brows

      Ball and prom

      Look Stunning with our ball Packages. Get a group together for the perfect spa experience

      • Clear Start Facials
      • Back Facials
      • Lash Extensions
      • Airbrush tanning bondi sands
      • Makeup – Mac : Young blood : Bobbi
      • Brown : Urban Decay : Eye of Horus ;
      • Gel nails
      • Pedicures
      • LVL Lash lift

      Get ready in our powder room and have photos with your peers in the beautiful grounds of the Manor House
      Light Refreshments provided
      Rooms accommodate 2
      ​can even get ready here and have photos

      Young ones Princess parties

      Princess parties ages 5-11 years $55 Per person
      Lil Miss Package ages 8-16 years $80 per person

      Unicorn Parties ages 4-12 years $39 per person
      (price different from brouchure sorry)


      Please do call us if you have not heard back in 24 hours 06 3701971